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For the past few decades, passwords have been used as the mode of authentication for websites, databases, emails, client-side applications, etc. This is because passwords are simple, easy to remember, hard to guess and could be complicated to crack depending on algorithm, implementation and the password itself. Password Analytics [PA] is created to ensure that we ensure our fullest support to this domain, that has been growing for the past decade. Password crackers have been growing in its detection techniques, aggregation and enumeration of data and in other aspects. It is challenging to constantly keep up the research on protecting ourselves against the attackers as they are more in number and is highly advanced. "Never underestimate your enemy" - said Sun Tzu, a military general and the author of Art of Warfare. To research on the various aspects of passwords, such as strength, storage, retrieval and more, we have created Password Analytics. Due to this intense history behind passwords, we determined that all our research and the tools we build over time would be shared through this portal.

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