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Who we are?


DigitOnto LLC. is a small-business firm located in Herndon, VA. DigitOnto is primarily focused on contracting and consulting. DigitOnto is a creation from the makers of Analytics group, EvilFingers and other well-known community portals that has been used for information security and intelligence, research and analysis since 2006. DigitOnto's interests has been expanding into various domains, starting from InfoSec to Cloud computing, consulting, contracting, training, placement, branding, secure web presence and others.

The purpose of unmask series of web portals is to aid the end users perform an uninterrupted research and analysis from a single source. The single source as described in here is one of our unmask portals, which works round the clock on aggregating, enumerating and analyzing the inputs/outputs and correlating them with the Open Source INTelligence (OSINT) counterparts and other commercial partnering solutions. The overall idea is to visualize and simulate situations based on the various pieces of intelligence gathered in the process, and there by putting pieces together.

Anushree Reddy


Anushree Reddy is the CEO/President of Orcelo, Inc. and a software engineer with a passion in secure coding. She has been a software developer for quite some time and she works for the fortune 500. She holds Master of Science in Computer Science majoring in Information Security from the George Washington University. Anushree is the chief architect and web developer for

Kevin Devine


Kevin Devine has an interest in computer security from a hobbyist's perspective for over 5 years now. He is currently entering 3rd year of his B.Sc in Computer Security and Digital Forensics. After completing the degree, he would like to study Electronics and become more involved in reverse engineering hardware.

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