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Disclaimer: Links


Copyright (c) 2009, Password Analytics
All rights reserved.

Password Analytics has linked to many other websites and resources such as tools, publications and research across the world. Password Analytics and its team are not responsible by any means, if any of these links turned out to be malicious that may include [and is not limited to]:

  • Trojans
  • Rootkits
  • Keyloggers
  • Viruses
  • Worms
  • Drive-by downloads
  • Botnets
  • and other forms of malware.

Password Analytics cannot be held responsible if any of the websites or other forms of linked data misuses your data or privileges. Password Analytics is not responsible for any of the links on our sites. As you know, websites get hosed across the world on daily basis and malicious attackers use the compromised vectors as a base to target the victims who access these websites. We are not responsible if you visit any of these targeted or hosed websites and/or become a victim of such attacks.

Password Analytics has listed links to resources throughout the website, upon thorough research and determination on the validity of the site and its relationship with passwords, at the time of research. We cannot ensure the validity of the websites listed during or after the time it has been listed. Links, content or even context of these websites change from time to time and Password Analytics is not responsible to ensure the continuity of the validity of these websites. Links to these external websites, may or may not lead to the websites that existed during the time of our research. This may be due to several reasons including [and not limited to]:

  • change of domain name
  • website redirection
  • hacked website
  • drive-by download or botnet hosed website
  • and/or for any other reasons

Password Analytics has created this disclaimer to ensure that all its users are warned and are aware/educated with the fact that Password Analytics is not responsible for any of the external websites listed in Password or any websites associated to us. Password Analytics is solely responsible for its content, which does not include the links to other websites that does not belong to Password Analytics. We (Password Analytics) hope that you as a user, would take precautionary measures/steps to ensure/validate the legitimacy of the websites you are planning/going to visit by clicking the links on Password Analytics website.

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