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Policy & Procedures

Small, medium and large enterprises with multiple users working across boundaries within a country or across the world would generally document their prescribed autentication techniques with minimal requirements and other data. This is generally part of policy and proceduresthat apply for the enterprise. This does not commonly apply for home users. Some of the common things that are included in such documents [in relationship with passwords are]:

  • Password length, characters, etc., that determines password strength.
  • Password longevity.
  • Users per password.
  • Design of protected or authentication software.

Although, some of these details is not covered in many of the enterprise policy documentation, it is among the best practices to cover every possible situation or use cases in relation to password based authentication. This would enable and aid enterprises to handle situations with respect to password authentication software or passwords themselves. This is exactly why, Password Analytics would be discussing further into policies and procedures, and the various ways in which you as an enterprise could take preventive measures before bad things happen.

It is better to be safe than sorry and hence, if you are part of an enterprise and if you are here to learn more about researching, documenting and implementing a password based authentication system within your enterprise, then you are in the right location.

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