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Why Now?


For a very long time password analysis has been the deal in Information Security. There has been tons of research portals with password bruteforces, algorithm crackers, dictionary techniques, rainbow tables, research websites, etc. but based on what we have seen, there is an imbalance between theoretical knowledge, research and tools whatsoever. Our intent was not to point out the inconsistencies in the work that we see around, but something that we observe on daily basis. We wanted to bring in a balance between the tools, research and theory(documentation) so that the failures that we came across are well documented for others to know how we failed, but at the same time our achievements could be seen through working tools. We also started working on the theory section to bridge the gap between research and implementation, which would further act as a medium for sharing the wealth(knowledge).

The reason for choosing Password Analytics as our main project at the moment was to ensure that the users give enough importance to passwords, which is required for proper implementation of authentication systems. Without proper knowledge and steps taken to ensure that you are making the right choices, how would you know which choice to make. This is exactly why we created Password Analytics to ensure that it acts as a guide to your success in choosing good tools and great passwords to secure yourselves.

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