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Home Users


Password Analytics is structured and designed to help home users secure their passwords. Security is not rocket science! It is pretty simple, once you start understanding it. But, to understand this you need to travel all across the Internet, or get the hands on skills. Both are hard and is time consuming process. Hence, we came up with this portal that could help you understand the in's and out's of passwords and password based authentication. We have also extended this further to discuss about password storage and retrieval, tools and techniques to retrieve passwords in a secure way and other kinds of stuff. We ensured that the language used in the documents and webpages is not complicated/complex, even if you are new to this domain.

We would be releasing tools and frameworks, based on the research. We have been researching for several years on passwords. We have created password generation, password recovery and other kinds of tools. We would have tools for password secure storage, password extraction, password generation and more. This could help you go through authentication in a miraculously easy way, even if you are forgetful by nature. If you find something that we did not cover in Password Analytics and if you want us to look into it, do feel free to email us or contact us to let us know what you are looking for and we would be there to help you.

Enterprise Users


Password Analytics is built with all the different users in mind. Enterprise users is one of our major focus. Most enterprises do not concentrate on password extraction tools, as they use password storage tools to store their passwords. Although, most employees:

  • Do not go through proper training on password storage and retrieval.
  • Do not know the importance of secure storage.
  • Do not know the various ways that they could be targeted with.
  • Do not know the complications of simple guessable passwords.
  • Is not always security aware.

This is where we come in! To share our expertise in Research and Analysis that we have been doing over the years, we have documented most of our work and the processes that we had to go through, especially things that our users have to know in Password Analytics. Users working in the various organizations are generally having the issue of not having admin privileges. They also tend to forget passwords, since they have several tools with several different passwords. Password analysis (storage, retrieval, generator and extractors) tools in the industry:

  • Requires you to pay or buy them.
  • Requires admin privilege.
  • Doesn't always support your OS type.
  • Doesn't provide support if you are stuck or unable to figure out stuff.
  • Neither scalable and nor interactive.
  • That come for free through warez, could probably have malware injected in it.
  • and more ...

This is exactly the reason for us to start working on password analysis tools, such as:

  • Password Retrievers:
    • Browsers
      • Chrome
      • Firefox
      • Internet Explorer
      • Opera
      • and Others
    • Instant Messengers
      • MSN
      • GTalk
      • Windows Live Messenger
      • Trillian
      • Digsby
      • Pidgin
      • and Others
    • Microsoft Apps
      • MS Outlook
      • MS Office
    • Network [Password on the network]
  • Password Generators
    • Industry Best Practice
    • Customized
  • Password Storage
    • Secure Local Storage & Retrieval
    • Secure Online Storage & Retrieval

These tools and all the other tools that we would be making does not require Admin privilege, Installation or any of the complicated stuff that other tools ask you to do and beyond the above listed features, our analysis, research,  tools and publications are FREE. The reason for us to build an enterprise relations is to spread the wealth and to ensure that organizations (especially small businesses) do not end up paying a lot of money in tools that they might not end up using on daily basis. We also provide free and paid support, consulting and contracting services to help enterprises do their business in a secure way.

Security Professionals


A security professional is considered to be someone with the specialization in Information Security. As a security professional, one might have to keep his skills up-to-date and beyond the ordinary. To do that, security professionals:

  • Constantly update their skills through training.
  • Read up online news and portals to keep up with their knowledge
  • Do hands-on exercise or practice to understand various scenarios and situations
  • and more ...

Password Analytics would help security professionals to gain their required skills, to build their research and analysis skills, and help their consulting or contracting job with the tools we make. We would also do our best to keep them in the market with their skills sharpened to help the need. If you would like to know more on how Password Analytics could help you beyond what is listed above, contact us at Our official email.

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