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Why Passwords?



Authentication is one of the leading sub-components of InfoSec. CIA - Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability are the three components of Information Security. To provide or to maintain confidentiality and integrity of messages, authentication plays a major role. "Need to know", "Principle of Least Previlege" and certain other principles can be followed by allowing the privileged user sign-in using various authentication schemes.

Passwords are one of the widely used authentication technique. It uses the concept of "what you know". Passwords could vary from simple sentences to complicated strings and could be of a variable length.Since, password based authentication is simple to implement and to use especially with other forms of authentication, passwords can be seen widely used in InfoSec.



There are few reasons that makes it good for using passwords for autentication:

  • Easy to remember, hard to guess
  • Simple to implement (conceptually)
  • Simplest form of authentication
  • Does not have to be carried everywhere ("What you know").

Password Analytics is created to ensure that password implementation and concepts are made simple for all our users. We have tried answering as many questions on passwords as we can, to our users. If you would like to know more about the purpose or implementation of a password based authentication system, shoot us an email at

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